Upper Cuts Boxing Fitness

“Punch your way to a Stronger, Fitter, Trimmer you”

Fitness of Body and Mind

Look after your physical and mental health in 2024 byt reserving your spot at Upprt Cuts Boxing Fitness - FITNESS OF BODY & MIND

New course for 2024

13 week course starting Wednesday 17th January! Limited spaces so book your slot today!

Start Date: Wednesday 17th January though to April 10th

Time: 20:00 to 21:00 upstairs in Dance Studio

Learn the basic boxing moves and technique while improving your overall cardio fitness. Burn fat and build muscle in a motivating group environment.

Boxing Fitnes

Boxing Fitness

Non contact boxing training classes. Suitable for guys and girls of all fitness levels. No experience necessary

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Strength & Conditioning

Body conditioning classes to build lean muscle, overall body strength and anaerobic endurance

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Yvonne offers corporate lessons also, this can be in your place of work or nearby. Great for mindfullness and fit and energetic workers. 

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Testimonials from my clients

I have been training with Yvonne for almost a year now and I have never had the same class twice. I have trained with many different instructors over the years and I have yet to find one who fits as much into an hour as she does. The class is great fun but most importantly it focuses on proper boxing technique and posture so you feel like you are really gaining something from the class. Not just your standard run of the mil boxercise. A great workout and a very knowledgeable coach.

Aoife , client since 2018

Fun, friendly and challenging, Yvonne's classes are addictive! We do pad work as well as body weight training and conditioning along with cardio work. The perfect stress buster! Classes are really enjoyable and I would definitely recommend

Una, client since 2017

I thoroughly enjoy Yvonne’s classes. Yvonne is very passionate and knowledgeable about boxing and is able to translate this into an educational, but also physically demanding class. Each class is a great full body workout where I always learn something new

Richard, client since 2017

I’ve been attending Uppercuts since October 2018 and honestly I’ve never been more challenged in improving my fitness! Yvonne is so great and motivating, she has really helped me improve in terms of my strength and toning my body as well as helping me actually enjoy working out. Boxing is a great stress reliever and I’d highly recommend uppercuts to anyone!

Steffi, client since 2018

Terrific classes! With a variety of exercise each week from pad work, cardio and strength & conditioning the sessions are kept fresh. Yvonne is passionate about what she does, and this enthusiasm will keep you coming back. It’s not only about the workout and increasing your fitness levels, but also about the technique of what she is teaching you. There is great comradery in the class and this is testament to Yvonne’s skills both as a trainer and on a personal level.

Yvonne, client since 2018


Yvonne started Boxing Fitness classes back in 2012 and it was here that her passion for the sport began. This lead to her pursuing a National Qualification in – Exercise, Health Studies & Personal Training. Yvonne is very passionate about what she does and is constantly challenging herself in new ways. Yvonne’s main aim is to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Yvonne works with her clients to help them achieve this through various structured exercise methods in a friendly and motivated environment.